Growth with Sustainability

Sustainability is firmly embedded in Adani Wilmar Limited’s (Adani Wilmar) core business strategy and operations. We are committed to driving transformation in the agricultural sector. Our belief in shared existence in the society to create value for our customers, shareholders, and society at large is the driving force behind our business functions and strategies. Together, Adani Wilmar remains committed to delivering sustainable agriculture and food products that safeguard the well-being of both people and the planet.

Being a joint venture between Adani Group and Wilmar International Limited (Wilmar), Adani Wilmar draws guidance primarily from Wilmar’s No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) Policy and other sustainability related policies. This provides Adani Wilmar a blueprint for our operations and supply chain by enabling us to strengthen our commitment towards responsible sourcing and other sustainability goals. Adani Wilmar complies with international, national, and local laws and regulations, as applicable in regions where we operate.

The principles outlined in this policy reflects the values we uphold in our own operations; and we expect our suppliers to conform to the spirit and intent of these guiding principles, where applicable. Suppliers are also expected to communicate and implement the principles stipulated within this policy throughout their supply chain.

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Our approach to sustainability